I wasn’t here for a while. I have to ask you for understanding, as preparing for the first module of the course CTI Coaching organization “Co-active Traning program”, takes a lot of time. The Amount of material and reading looked like an iceberg and  I was determined to make the summit 😊

While going on friday to the first module with a heavy heart and thousand of questions in his head. I wasn’t worried about this if I would learn anything on this course, because I was so determined that I knew I would take the maximum knowledge, but I wondered and was anxious, if it is even possible to be able to start professional coaching after 3 days training.

CTI is one of the oldest coaching schools and I would say that (although nowadays we do not pay so much attention to the experienced organisations) this school can offer to you a lot. All coaches training us are experienced and have been with CTI sinds their very beggining. IT s amazing how coaching evaluated through these 25 years.

After 3 days of the course, I knew that I had made the best decisions in my life. I can recommend this course to any person, even only a basic module. There was plenty people who came to learn how to talk to their emplyees, and they all admited that after these 3 days they have learned much more than they expected. Although on Sunday evening, returning to the house, I felt like someone swallowed me, digested and once again swallowed: at the same time I had the lightness of being. I knew that from that very moment ,I could start something new in my life. Something what  for a long time I couldn’t decide, and now it’s about here and I can take it full of handfuls and forward by sending positive energy to you. I Firmly believe that by helping others you create a sacred chain. It is like a virus, you give it to one person, the next, and another next and this way we have more good and balance in the world 😊

For 3 days I learned structural coaching, listening to the other person using all the senses of the body. It could Be assumed that coaching is just listening and asking questions. Nothing more wrong. After this weekend I got to professional coaches even more respect. What amount of energy Is put in order to focus on the 3rd level of listening to the other person, excluding his inner turn and uncle good advice, will know only the one who tries for 15 minutes to focus the whole, but that’s all the attention to his caller. Here at this point it is only about the other person, there are no problems, sentences on the subject or a picnic phone.

The Implementation of everything in life, immediately after the theory and exemple coaching by trainers, was a fantastic affair. Rushed to the deep water, we had 20 people to coach each other. In Doing So, I broke my brakes. Even thrown on the deep water, I can give something of myself today. We Learned How much joy, care carries coaching and how deep the source of the problem can be. Fantastic and talented trainers have given us a lot of energy and experience. Only today, I am able to feel this gratitude, my tired body and mind yesterday still came to each other all day.

And from today I start to sow a good grain further. That’s why I invite you in the first place. As I am a mother myself, 2 times I returned to the labour market and I know every day what we need to measure, you are very bliskie😊

 We are working, or not working, struggling to get back into the labour market, with motherhood or with the reconciliation of one and the other. I will Help you in your mummy flow, write to me on a free Skype coaching session. You can leave a comment under this article or by sending me a message on the blog 😊

May the power Be with you


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