I am pleased to announce that I have just completed another module of my coaching course. This time was even more intensely, but thanks to the experience with my existing clients, I felt more confident in what I was doing. Thank you dear women, because the strength and magic energy flows among us. Since, I finished 2nd module it s time to donate next  pro bono coaching hours to people in need. I placed ads on different groups of women on social media , mainly FB, where the huis-rules stated “We help each other, there is no place for venom and hatred”. How enthusiastically I approached the fact that now here I can be one of those women who feeds other women needs. And yet….

Some of the groups had a few comments on my pro bono post….very unpleasant comments ,I must say… Oh,yeaaah, I can tell you one thing, If I hadn’ t done great job with my self confidence  before starting this beautiful coaching journey , I could even stand in the corner and freezed myslef with dissapointment to this world and people. I left this group of “pseudo helping woman” and while clicking “Leave this group” button,  I just felt a bit sad. And you know why?

Long time ago, our great prehistoric grand-grand-grand-mothers sat in a big circle togehter, were collecting herbs together or cooking together and that ways , they were all feeding their femininity. They loved these moments , when being alone, could experience the mutual energy that only one woman can give to the other women. Not diminishing our gents, because testosterone gives us a lot, but it is the feminess that makes us unique, beautiful spiritually and strong so much,that nothing is able to “knock them down”.

Why do I write about it? Well, think a while… what such a woman on a facebook women’s support group brings in such a circle? What gives her the opportunity to bring venth and envy and diminish the other woman? She thinks she brining a great attitude. She feels better, her ego flies … But believe me it’s just for a while. Ego quickly falls, and the true love of the woman reveals herself in her support for the clan. Depressing the other woman, it diminith all femininity. Actually, any individual, living, insulting and hurting in any way, actually acting to himself. The universe is a mirror, what to throw in the universe, it will come back with double strength..

Yes I know, hate and this whole mess are a disease of the 21st century. Easy access to the internet makes us the masters of the universe. The right to vote and opinions without boundaries. It’s a bit sad, because in such a world it will not be easy to live.

But today, here is the entry to give this manifesto to the strength of women. Support manifest. Remember women, feed others’ femininity, do not destroy what was created beautiful and perfect! 🙂 I Believe there are billions of us, and that’s just a small percentage that will disappear under the influence of our good energy sent daily in the entire galaxy.

Namaste 🙂

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