While working for past 5 months on coaching women and men from various environment , I could already make some learning. Mostly it s about this what really stops us from archiving our dreams. And what I notice is: The fear of failure is our greatest enemy.

My amazing clients differs, some are more creative, some of them more analytical, some more career oriented, but all of them have one thing in common: lack of consciousness how great and strong person is inside of them.

I help them to become aware, how much potential is in their hands. My greatest reward is to see the moment, when they realize that they have full capability to change they own life.

I know,that we are constantly, so focused on our goals ,that we don’t even notice how much we already gained. Therefore , this leads us to omit very important moments of our life. Moreover, we are overlooking critical strengths of our personality.

What is then the risk of this disregard?

Well, from my experience I can tell you , that the risk is high. For the long time I couldn’t see how much I can achieve. I was depending on external people, companies and certification , to get a proof of my value. Not even market value , but I would say this reflected in all kind relations. Step by step, by taking years step back to my childhood, to my school time, university and by full reprogramming my mind I am here.

Here, ready to help people to go through the same steps. Here to show them that the fear in our head , is just an illusion of our mind. Fear is natural and can be your friend. Fear is with people from thousands of years to protect you from predators. In other words, it’s your subconscious parent and protector. Your job is to tame fear and learn what is a threat and what just a product of your uncontrolled mind.

We all were born special and with a gift. Let me help you to find what is your gift. Let me help you to show you a big and strong captain within you.

Contact me for sample 60 minutes coaching session https://will2flow.net/110-2/

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