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Did you step into New Year unmotivated? High five!

It was December 30th. I scroll down my facebook and everywhere I looked at I was bombarded with: “Did you set your goals?” ; “Set your goals”;” No goals, no strategy. Thus, no strategy, no success”… and so on.

After reading all these happy and motivational sentences I started to feel more and more mentally down. At some point, I landed in the place where I could definitely could name “overwhelming zone”. Thus, I started to ask myself “What is wrong with me? In short, just this year 2019 was full of my life-dream activities: changing career,coaching, working with fantastic people, travelling to such a beautiful places and finally my 3rd child on it s way. Why I do not feel anymore like goal setting?”

Something got broken in me…

Did you also have that feeling? That everybody around you is setting new goals and you feel so frustrated cos you have no power for that? For the reason of so many things going on in your life , you are heating burn out. Hence all you want is land on desert island and detach?

Well, I felt so. And no meter how much knowledge about emotions I gained and how many books I have acquired, I did again the same mistake. I ignored my emotions and pushed myself to the limit.

I worked in every free moments, learned marketing strategy, lead coaching sessions and planned my online course for you. Simultaneously, I was taking care of my kids, spending time with my loved one…. and on top of that, everything what I was doing I wanted to be on highest performance.

Therefore the day was too short and the bucket of my overwhelmed emotions started to boil. “Starting new Year in tears? Seriously? You are a coach, this unacceptable. Be strong.” I just thought there is something wrong with me…

Fortunately,soon I had my coaching session with my supervisor. And after telling her about my chaos in my head and emotions boiling to 100 degrees, she asked me one question “Karolina, how do you manage all these in your 6 month of pregnancy?”. And this was it… I didn’t know the answer… All what came to me , was my tears and realization that I was just pushing too much! Thus, that is all. I was too hard for myself.

I realized that:

  • we do not have to plan our year ahead , if we are already busy with so much things in our life
  • we do not have to be super active all the time
  • the most important is to stay connected with core values and inner wisdom

My advice is to coach yourself on questions: Do I feel good today? Is it the right moment for new goal setting? Do I need to push more?

Be honest with yourself. You know yourself. You know when you are just cheating and when it’s self true. Watch your body. How is it now? Heavy? Light? Your body will bring you an answer too.

Maybe you do not have goals for this year yet. Probably you are just in situation where there is too much questions! Stay with this what you do and feel. The feeling to change something will come in right moment. As the result, you will sense the right moment for another step. As well as,the right time to plan new strategy for your life. It doesn’t have to be 1st of January , it can be even 31st of May. The right time is up to you! You are not everyone. You are You! Take care of yourself!

Happy New Year everyone!

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