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Why coaching mums?

When I was taking my couching course I wasn’t sure what the next step would be. I kept practicing coaching with mums, expats, my husband, friends.Every session has given me lots of power and trust , that this what I have been doing is the right path. We are all willing to have better life and be happy. Thus, coaching is the best first step to see what does exactly being happy mean to me, as we all differ in our definition of happiness.

Would I be happy then by coaching everyone who comes to me? Who is my ideal client? Who I could serve the best?

I was lucky. It didn’t take me a lot of time to get the answer. My heart and my inner leader knows what is right for me. I knew what kind of impact I want to bring to this world. Therefore, the biggest gift which I can give is my experience, knowledge and heart. So, who could that be? At this moment in my life?

I want to help mums and expats.

Living in the foreign country with kids or trying to return to work after maternity leave / changing career, can cause enormous stress. I remember days of loneliness, being tired of doing all by myself and not having a hope to get out of this emotional circle. The moments, where I found myself crying as this was more than I could take at that moment. You have no friends (yes we create one when we move to new country, but this take time), no family around you and your partner is at work.

Deal with that woman!

Therefore, I know how much somebody who went through the same thing can lift you up. This person can bring you hope. As moving to new country and finding a job, should not be “just deal with that” , but rather something you can plan and create.

Yes, it will not be the same as before you had a child or moved to new country. Things got changed. We have a baby, we moved to new country, but my mission is to make this phase of life in expats’ mothers life fully mindful, not terrifying.

I spent too much energy on worries how will I manage my work after break. I gave to much thought to visualize how my sons are missing me while I am at work. Many women doesn’t fulfill their career needs, because they think, they would abandon their family. Rather than this, they say ” I don’t want to think about this now, I will do it later”. They stay at home and time flies, anxious is growing and the strategy is not consider for now.

I am not saying it is in 100% cases. Of course there are mums who wants to do it and feel happy by being full time mum. There is no right no wrong, until you are doing it , because decision you made, was based on your core values and fully planned.

Plan your life and career strategy

Summarizing, I find my mission to help mums and expats to focus on their needs. It is import for me as a coach, to prepare you to the life transition period. We focus on logistic, emotions and proper mindset. We need to focus on various aspects: build your confidence, get the right perspective, logistics, family. It is important to plan approach for your life changes , as maybe you do not want to go back to work in 1 month, but 1,2,3,5 years. Thus, during this time you can make smaller steps. With coaching, I know you can make this transition period, peaceful and mindful moment of your life.

I invite you for free intake session to see where you can get support on back to work period.

Create your life and choose the best next step for you.

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