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How to win job in Netherlands

The Expats’ mum guide to a career in Netherlands

I am really happy you decided to take this very moment, to read this document. I made it in short form, to bring greatest possible value to your expats’ challenging life.

1. Prepare mentally for the life change

Most of  people don’t pay attention to their mental condition, while job searching. I would say it’s fundamental step. If you are starting new chapter in your life, how are you going to survive it, if you are not strong enough in your head or don’t have plan B support?

Question: How can I prepare?

  • a) think what worked for you in previous life changes?
  • b) be physically active – it lower your stress level and rise self esteem ( check free fitness website http://www.fitnessblender.com )
  • c) make a list of your life values and keep close to you (ideally in your wallet and look at it every time you loose your life purpose)
  • d) make a list of things you have already achieved in your life. This will help you to see positive picture of you. You are strong enough to go through this life change. Look how much you have already done!
  • e) make sure you have your partner/ friend support, this will be very important in low mood, hopelessness, frustration, “feeling like I could cry” moments

2. Get a career / life coach

“You say what??? We have just spent fortune on moving to Netherlands. I cannot afford to pay 100-150 euro per hour to spent on a career coach. “

I get you point. 

What if I tell you, that you can have a career coach for 3 free of charge coaching sessions with professional coach?

Sounds good?

Since 2015 in Amsterdam exist non-profit organization called Empower Amsterdam. As long as you are currently unemployed , living in Netherlands and have valid work permit to work in Netherlands, we can offer your this free of charge coaching packet.

Go to website www.empoweramsterdam.com

Check list of our international coaches and fill registration form.

In case you are not meeting Empower Amsterdam requirements you can schedule free discovery session with me. We will create package fitting your needs.

3. Create a network

Having support is essential. I see that the women who get support (coaching, community of other women, etc.) are the ones who most successfully

make it to find a job.We need each other. We need to get energy in this moment, if we are to transition to a new culture.

Here are my tips on how to network:

  • volunteer – there isn’t any better way to meet community and polish your CV
  • check website http://www.meetup.com and find meeting group closest to your needs and location
  • join facebook expat group in your city. Every bigger location has created support FB group, where you can ask any question

4. Prepare strong CV

Working with my clients I noticed, that most of them comes completely hopeless. After sending 100 of CV almost nobody replies.

They keep asking “what is wrong with me, I did’t have problem to find a job in my country.

I will answer this question. There is nothing wrong with you. In 9 of 10 cases, the Cv is in chaos or is not showing fully your job experience and key skills.

In Netherlands they do not pay too much attention to University which you finished, or Certifications you have. The most important is what have you done in your previous jobs and what can you do to help them GROW as company.

It is crucial to be able to sell yourself on your CV.

5. Be confident and self-esteem on job interview

If you came from Eastern EU or any other post communistic countries, you might have got use to being humble and apologetic. This is very welcome there. However, my advice is if you want to career in Netherlands, work on this. Dutch people are very confident about themselves. Psychologically , we do like people who are similar to us.

You will win the job interview, when you are able to sell your previous experience, show it in full rainbow colors and do not apologize for being so good.

If you are mum, already with career break, make sure you did your list of things you achieved during this break. I always say “the career break is not a crime”. When you work on it, you can show it as big asset on your CV.

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