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How to work out your mindset?

You need to nourish your brain to obtain positive mindset

Recently I had a pleasure to read a book of Carol Dweck The New Psychology of Success. According to researches of Carol Dweck there are two types of people. In this brilliant book, she explains how our success in work, relationships, arts, and any other areas of person’s life can be completely influenced by how we think about our talents and abilities.

Two kinds of people

Our attitude towards life has a huge impact on whether we will achieve success or not. And not only at work, but in all aspects of our life’s. Dweck believes that there are two kind of mindset. There is a fixed mindset and growth mindset.

Fixed mindset

Do you believe that your career talents and intelligence is something what cannot be changed or developed? Do you believe that we are what we are and this is fixed with no chance to improve? People with fixed mindset assume that we can learn new things but the intelligence will not grow. They treat every mistake as a failure in their life? They have a sense of failure, even though nothing catastrophic has happened in their life. Do you tend to label yourself and wring your hands over?

Therefore it seems that you are in the pile of people with fixed mindset.

What does it mean?

People with fixed mindset live in a world where the slightest failure is a lack of intelligence and wisdom. The smallest such an event causes them to not strive for self-improvement. They’re not realizing given potential. The status quo is the way to survive in this world. They are not learning new things and trying to keep their comfort zone because of the fear. Fear of failure .The love of constancy and things that are easy to obtain is their motto. When things get difficult, they just lose interest and run away.

The growth mindset

There is other type of people. People who doesn’t stop themselves even though they make constantly mistakes. They understand that it is only a process of learning. In a growth mindset, people have profound belief that their learning and intelligence can grow with time and experience. When people focus on their development, they constantly learn. Therefore they realize that their effort has an effect on their success. So they put in extra time and they seek and study new things.

According to this attitude, your characteristics are not constant. You didn’t hold them out of fate. You don’t have to prove yourself and others every step of the way to be who is expected of you to be. What is here and now is just a starting point for further development.

Your energy focus on improvement and curiosity for you.

Can we change our mindset?

Each of us was born with a love for learning new things. Remember the last time you saw a little child. With what delight baby watches his hands and feet. With what unwavering determination baby learns how to turn on his tummy. How he gets up for the hundredth time when he has fallen to the floor while leering how to walk.

You were like this. With passion for learning. With no judgmental voice in your head Hey…you cannot do it. Do you see this other baby. He is doing it better than you….

So if we all were born perfectly ready for learning, we are all here sent by higher power to GROW. This is actually a mission from universe. Seek your potential and learn new things. Stay curious.

We can change our mindset. Train it like a muscle.

How to train GROWTH mindset

You can do it every single day. The main thing is to do not give up. start from small things. Is there anything what you always wanted to try but you have never done? You believed that you have no talent , so what for. Perfect. Pick up things activity and dedicate 15 minutes each day to it.

Go for the course if you have possibility to do it. Do not look for the excuse.

Open up to constructive criticism. Think how can you use these information to grow.

Learn from the experience you gain. How to deal with your emotions. How to improve your conversations.

Observe yourself. Learn how do you go in to relations, new job, undiscover places. Turn on your curiosity and keep saying to your self I am just learning new things. It s okay to do not know.

And the last buy a book of Carol Dweck and explore her guide to GROW mindset.

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