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Who are the authentic you?

Explore your life like a box of chocolates. You will find there real You.

5 years ago , when somebody would ask me Where would you like to be in 5 years from now? My answer would be very automatic. I had never paid too much attention to this what exactly I want to do in my life. After I finished my university, I was doing right things for years , so what else I could do? Maybe a role of manager or financial controller I could consider as my dream job, but I had never thought about my life mission.

Sweet home comfort zone

Living in my fixed mindset wasn’t something what made me happy. However it was my zone, my comfort zone. I knew it very well. I had good money from doing it and thinking about doing something else scared me to death.

One day, or one month (I cannot clearly remind myself when did it happen), I just found out that this is not the way I want to live anymore. Where I was going , but I had no idea where I was going to. I was with my family but I couldn’t enjoy it by my heart. I was in emotional pain, but I didn’t want to feel that pain. And every day kept going on and on. Does it have to be like this? Does everyone feel like this? I had to find out.

Looking for my own path

During this journey, I started from healing my old wounds. I had bought few books about healing the inner child. This wasn’t enough. I was lucky and I found course of Bethany Webster. Again, I was scared to death. I had to came down to dark cellar and take out of there my inner child. If you were there , you know that there is no harder work to look again at past and give it self love. So many emotions, which I was hiding from myself and world for such a long time.

It was hard work to keep the poker face for so many years. However, even harder was to truly take care for small child in me. From now on ,I had to be responsible for my own life. I could.’ anymore blame anyone for my choices I do as an adult. It was time to take control of my life.

Coming out from the cellar

However it was worth it. From this moment of my life I discovered that it is not only a true pain which was hidden in me. There was also the other side of my personality. The true happiness, which I could now feel in my whole body. Believe me ,you just become real butterfly. World again can amaze you in so many ways. Things are interesting to you again. You are meeting new person. Authentic you.

Getting to know real you

How to find then authentic me, you’d ask. Well, there is no other way my dear reader, as by experience. When you healed what you needed to heal, it is time to go out from the cocoon. Go into real world, experience new things. Try what you like and what you do not like. It is like going to bakery and ask seller to give you all kinds of cookies to taste. Only by trying each of them you will know, which of them fits you best.

Do not eat everything at once, in a great hurry. This can cause a stomach ache 🙂 Eat it slowly, one by one with time break between.

Looking for your own favorite life taste

You can at first point decide, what you do not want to try in the first instance to make selection. It is important to get on the plate only things which resonate with you. And taste. Chew it for long time, do not rush. Think how does it taste in your mouth. What do you want to do next? Keep it, split it or yet enjoy it?

The metaphor above perfectly reflects how you can search for your genuine interests in your life. This is the way you can discover what is your dream job and authentic you.

Some tips for your inner journey

  • Explore things which you have always wanted to try
  • Check what motivates you
  • What are your core values
  • Discover your talents (yes you do have them, we all do)
  • Play like a child
  • Do not rush
  • Be the perfect parent for yourself, just as you always wanted them to be for you
  • Remember, you have always right to change your mind and try other things!
  • Get a life coach! It is always great to have somebody by your site!

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