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What are the signs telling you to look to your life purpose?

Life purpose
The road to your life purpose

When I am working with my clients on their career as well as life changes, often we find out that this what they have been doing so far is not fulfilling them anymore. Therefore they feel stuck at this point of their life.

It s not surprising. On one hand you do not want to do anymore this what was serving you to this moment. On the other hand you have no clue what to do next.

Frustration might rise. And will even grow until the moment you realize you are not able to continue living like this. When you are living mindful life, you will catch this moment early enough. However if you are living in the “hamsters wheel” , it can be huge shock for you.

There are symptoms you could feel

Sometimes the first symptom is straight from your body. You get sick more often than before, you are having constant head aches as well as pain in other parts of your body. In the worse scenario , you are not even able to get in the morning from your bed.

There are also emotional symptoms. Like often crying out when you have to do things which are already routine for you. Or tears in your eyes when you again have to go to this meeting with people who barely remember your name.

You become pathetic , lazy and frustrated

Your mind keeps analyzing what are you yet doing in the job , country, or with your partner , when your body is screaming to run away. Nothing seems to have sense anymore. You feel overwhelmed and with no energy every morning. Like your soul was already dead , just your body is yet functioning in this universe.

Believe me or not , but you can be grateful to universe, higher power or however you call it. This is the moment when your life is going to change. In what way , it only depends on you.

This is the begging of the most beautiful journey in your life. The journey to inner you. If you plan it wisely and take consciously steps on it, you will meet most amazing person you ever seen. You are going to fall in love with your life and the world again.

There is only one condition.

Open for the changes and people who are going to guide you in this process. Keep your eyes open as non of them has label Mentor on his face. They are random looking people, you might even already know them but this time you need to listen to them. Listen deeply and consciously.

It is time for being in your “I do not know” space. It s full of mixed emotions, but you will survive it. And when you will overcome this moment, the process will move forward.

Stay tuned and listen to your heart. It will guide you in your new journey.

If you are looking for life coach in this new journey, book your free intake session and get to know me better.

With love


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