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I am a mum, coach, expat. For most years of my life, I have been looking for the right career and something what would make me feel fulfilled . It was hard to do it. I was extremely busy with study, my work and my family. I found many excuses to focus on others, but not myself.

And there came that moment, I just awaken and found that there is no right time to look after yourself, and your needs , but now! I have read many books, made plenty of researches and test , what would fit me best. But still wasn’t sure. I decided to find a coach and look for authentic me.

I had to answer plenty of questions. Like: What do I love to do? What I am good at? How would I be able to serve world and people? It took me about a year of therapy and coaching to find answers to these questions. But today I know. I want to use my personal skills, passion for people and making change in the world. I love to help other women, expats and mums to improve their life, just as I did.

It’s hard to come back to the job market after long maternity break, find balance between your family and career. How hard it is to find a job in the foreign country, overcome loneliness, lack of self confident and many other obstacles when you are expat. I use my experience to bring in your life change for good. I know it’s possible. If you feel the same I am your right coach now.

The only thing which you need to change your life is your willingness for a change and somebody who could guide you through this time. You will come through huge transformation from caterpillar to full of colors butterfly. There inside you is an amazing, powerful person. Let’s discover it together.

To become professional coach and grow, I’ve studied with the best coaches in the oldest and best Coaching Academy in world Coaching Training Institute.  I have built a reputation by coaching various clients, engaging in non-profit coaching organization, as well as coaching in companies I worked for.

I write a blog that contain essential ‘how to’ information for solving woman, expat and mums’ problems. My blog is clearly written, readable and filled with credible information and guidance.

I advise people on how to improve their relationships with family, spouses and kids to enhance the quality of their lives. I provide my professional and life experience on taking off from toxic relationships and improving your self-esteem as well as conflict management and related topics.

My lessons will give you new insights into those ‘impossible’ situations that cause so much anxious and stress. I am a Solution Focused coach offering programs to shift your life.

I invite you for a free 30 minutes sample session to meet each other and show you who I am and how can I help you.

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