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I was born in small town in Poland. When I was little I always felt like there is something outside for me to explore.

I tried to fit expectations from everyone around me. It was draining me every day. I didn’t know why , as this is the way all do it , right? Good job, family, weekends with friends. But, yet I felt eempty inside. I knew I had to do something with this. I was mum of 2 little boys , when the decision to change my life seeded in me.

I had to step out from my current perspective on life and world. I had to change my limiting believes to move on. And what was hardest, I had to take responsibility for my own decision, .

I made my plan for next one year to leave corporate world and follow my path. I planned it wisely. It was still lots of fear in me. The fear was never left, but I have learned. I learned how to feel the fear and do things anyway.

I become my best friend and since that moment I follow my own intuition. I create programs for people who are like me. They are looking for they path and are ready to take the first step.

I help , guide, coach and what is most important always believe in my clients.

If you are looking for great company and somebody who will coach you on your life changes I invite you to book session with me.

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