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About me

In my work, quality and customer satisfaction are extremely important to me. I focus on effective development processes, hence I constantly improve my own competencies, participating in coaching training, Gestalt psychotherapy school, and frequent supervision. I work with people who care about their own development and are ready to look at themselves from the meta-level perspective. This meta-level perspective is the act of looking at yourself as unique and full of natural resources human being and allowing you to have a range of choices for the future. This is a unique way to make a change in your life at the deepest level, and It’s important for me to make sure my clients feel appreciated and valued by themselves.

Who am I?

I am a person for whom the most important thing is genuine contact with another person. I value openness, honesty, and a relationship based on the deepest dialog. In my work, I focus on searching for new solutions, development, and faith in the client. Being an experienced ex-pat, ex-corporate worker, and mum of 3 boys and in a long-term relationship, who changed career 4 years ago, helps me understand human emotions and build relationships with people from other cultures. I have the ability to build an atmosphere of trust and willingness to experience, to go beyond the usual client’s schemes.
I am a Certified Co-Active Coach accredited by ICF at the ACC level and I am currently in 2nd year of Gestalt Psychotherapy school (4-year school).

Everything that is dear to me…

Unconditional presence and deep listening to people’s needs, this moment of here and now, when my eyes meet another person’s eyes and we both know. The feeling of inclusion, of being in the shoes of my client and truly feeling their emotions. This unique understanding of what they are going through. I am motivated by the mission to help people find fulfillment and belonging in their lives and careers. I am convinced that each of us is a unique, talented, and wise being, who was born to fill our life with a job that makes us use all these natural gifted resources. I believe, that if I could change my career to a daring journey, after 12 years of doing a job I didn’t enjoy, from finance to coaching and therapy, then everyone can do it!

If you want to step into your power and you are committed to changing your life contact me today and book your session!

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