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Will2flow is unique coaching company for mums and following expats

You deserve to feel complete and fulfilled about your life right now

Are you thinking of returning to work after a career break and don't know where to start?

Do you want to improve your work-life balance to become fullfilled mum?

Do you feel that you lost somewhere your own woman life purpose and you live only to fill other people needs?

Whether you are looking to return to work, trying to balance a career with family life or feeling overwhelmed I can help you.

I am certified Co-active coach. By combining my own professional experience in the biggest companies in the world and being mum of 2 beautiful boys , I prepared my own mummy-coaching program.

Together we will create a vision for motherhood aligned with your values and find your inner life purpose. We will recognize the limiting thinking you might have and negative self-talk in your mind. I will help you to focus on your most important priorities and create action plan for you to feel confident in your processional and private life.
Together we will explore your individual needs as a mother and we will practically and emotionally prepare you to transition back to work.We will work out challenges faced by many women around self-confidence, creating CV and holding interviews after parental break.

Whether you're a busy stay-at-home or working mum, coaching concentrated on mum's needs will allow you to be the mum you want to be.

Frequently asked questions about voucher:

How can I buy Life & Career Coaching Gift Voucher Package? – Choose the coaching package below and contact me via email. After receiving the payment I will sent voucher named on person who you are buying the coaching gift package for.

What does the Life & Career Coaching Gift Voucher Package include? – It includes: Discovery session 30 minutes plus number of coaching hours which you bought. Also it includes full email/phone message support during the whole process of coaching and what is most important it includes full individual coaching plan to bring best results out of the client. 

How long is the Life & Career Coaching Gift Voucher Package valid for? – The 4 hours coaching package is valid till 31.05.2020 ; 8 hours coaching package is valid till 30.09.2020 ; 

If you have more questions do not hesitate to sent me an email.

“Since I remember people always asked me for advice. I have always enjoyed listening to them and help them to different perspectives on their life. After 12 years of a corporate career in various countries, I decided to follow my dreams and use my people-oriented mind to really help Women discover their inner Voice! I believe that you can achieve whatever you want and my role here is to help you discover all the resources within you! Let me take you on co-active coaching journey where you are going to meet real, undiscovered you!”


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Christmas gift

Easy Start Out of stuck

4 coaching sessions - set your goal & make an action plan. Base work on your career development.
Old Price € 300
€ 239
Pre-coaching Conversation
4 coaching sessions - 60 min each
Setting clear and realistic goals
Individual plan for your career
Career change support
I get you out from the stuck point
Job hunting, Cv, linkedin profile support
Christmas gift

Revolution - Happier life

8 hours of coaching - everyone has a passion and leader. Let 's discover yours.
Old Price € 600
€ 449
Pre-coaching Conversation
8 coaching sessions - 60 min each
Connecting you with your inner Leader and intuition
Breaking limiting believes within you
Planning your individual life vision from scratch
I get you out from stuck point
More suitable for a long-term goals

My clients say

I reached out to Karolina almost out of despair. She quietened me. She helped me to look again … and this time, to see …. I gained a holistic perspective. I no longer wanted just to survive but make an impact. I gained the courage to explore and find my “why”. It’s her empathetic approach and willingness to go along with you on the journey as you also try to figure out your “where” that I find endearing. Plus she will spare no resources within her reach to help get you there. I am definitely on my way and therefore recommend her to you if what you seek is a meaningful career

Nwanneka Okere _ Research scientist at Amsterdam Institute for Global Health

Last year I had a great opportunity to attend an amazing session “Power of choice” by Karolina which helped me to do an insightful self-reflection. I especially liked that Karolina connected theory with practical exercises which engaged the full audience. I would highly recommend it for everyone who is willing to look deep-inside and commit to a meaningful change

Agne Nainyte Digital Transformation

Karolina is a team player and has showed great coaching skills, since she continuously supported the outsourcing team in India by providing guidance, trainings, knowledge transfer and reviewing and improving all SOPs. Karolina has also been a great role model for her peers by being a hard worker and at the same time maintaining a healthy work-life balance, proving her strong time management ability. Nike is a multicultural environment and Karolina managed to adapt and work together well in an international team. She was always ready to lend a helping hand to her teammates and contributed during brainstorming sessions and meetings.

Polyxeni Bouna – Accounting Manager at Nike Amsterdam

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Karolina. I had the pleasure of being coached by Karolina helping me to find a job. She has an exceptional expertise in leadership, coaching and motivation. Karolina is dedicated, self-motivated, methodical and very capable. She is a very inspiring human being. As a career coach, Karolina earns my highest recommendation

Maria Laura

I have had only 3 sessions re career and life coaching , but it was enough for me to reevaluate my goals and proceed with opening my own business . Karolina gave me a lot of useful tips and resources re my current issues. I would highly recommend Karolina to anyone , but specifically to all new moms who are struggling with finding themselves after a maternity leave . Thank you very much and good luck !


Being mother herself, Karolina understands the struggles that can easily appear to a home staying mother who is trying to go back to work. She is a deep listener, compassionate, warm and focused coach who would cleverly invite you to discover the yet unknown paths from where you can grow, learn and develop new skills to see new possibilities, new solutions. She certainly challenged some of my settled perceptions and consequently disarmed well some of my old habits that were holding me back. Therefore, I would warmly recommend Karolina to anyone who is returning back to the job market and want to see the paths and possibilities in a new light


Karolina has helped me when I was job searching as an expat in The Netherlands, she knew exactly how to make my CV stand out, how to prepare it, what to include and how to write my cover letters. Not only that, together with her I learned how to prioritize my life in order to be in the healthy flow, and use my skills as a unique advantage, I learned how to recognize and express my own needs assertively and I am now able to pursue the career that I always wanted for myself, having the right tools on how to stay on track undistracted. Her vast knowledge in psychology and coaching tools is profound and I could not recommend her more to anyone who is looking for a professional coach in challenging times of transition.

Trainer and Facilitation Coach at Living Improv Academy

Grazyna Frackiewicz

Już niejednokrotnie dziękowałam za sesje, które miałam przyjemność odbyć, jednak jeszcze raz chce to zrobić tutaj w postaci opinii. Uważam, ze każdy kto szuka pomocy w rozwinięciu skrzydeł lub po prostu chce ruszyć z miejsca, powinien trafić właśnie do kogoś takiego jak Karolina. Osobiście jestem pod wrażeniem profesjonalizmu i zaangażowania, ogromnej wiedzy oraz wrażliwości dzięki której mogłam w pełni zaufać Karolinie i zacząć się nareszcie spełniać. Moje życie zaczyna nabierać rozmachu a wszystko to dzięki naszemu spotkaniu i wszystkim tym sesjom. Muszę zaznaczyć, ze każda z nich była wyjątkowa i za każdym razem dodawała mi powera. Kwestia czasu i indywidualnego podejścia, ale z cała pewnością taki power wchodzi w krew. Dziękuje za wskazanie drogi, dodanie odwagi i za ukazanie prawdy.


Karolina is a conscientious and talented coach which combines great professionalism and unique sensitivity in his blend of life and work coaching activities, leading to valuable and concrete results. I found her work being a great inspiration in my professional growth and by exploring her advices I was able to empower my career and professional awareness. I definitely recommend Karolina’s sessions if you want to shine in your next life challenges!

Salvatore Porto

Karolina is an amazing person, who brings out her positive energy and wears the warmest smile, no matter the condition. She has inspired me and helped me to find my career path while I was trying to start a new life in a foreign country. She is extremely creative and dedicated to her values and that’s what makes her expertise in coaching. Always patient and a good listener, she helped to find the answers in most difficult questions I had to deal with. Her passion for making her dreams come true is the one that inspired me the most. And providing with inspiration other people is what makes you successful as a person, as a coach.

Eirini Argyrou

28 y.o.

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