Karolina Filosek

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Are you ready for a change in your life?

Your breakthrough awaits

Do you know that there is no problem to be solved in you, just a miracle to be discovered?

Do you want to enjoy your time with kids, but still fill fulfilled?
Are you willing to have passion in your live and wake up every morning hungry for new day?

I am inviting you to meet me. I went through thought time as child, student, expat, mum and was really in place where I had no hope for a change in me. But it did it! I was a key to this amazing world.

Let me join you on this amazing journey and coach you on your life and career. Sign for the free of charge, sample coaching session.

The Coaching Process

How It Works
  1. When starting the coaching process, it is crucial to go deeply into person's needs,concerns and the things that seem to be blocking forward progress.
  2. The next step in the coaching is to create a comfort relationship level between the client and the coach
  3. Working the Plan
    As a coach specializing in life and career development, my role is to deeply listen and observe client.Base on I create a coaching strategy to meet the client’s needs and the organizations needs. Every person is different, so we need to remember that the solutions and strategies that are developed are elicited from the client. I provide an objective perspective for the client's current challenge and I always adapt to meet the current needs or situation.
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