Expat Parent Transformation Coaching

I help parents to make changes in their existing careers and life; find their passion and take their careers to the next level. My coaching will help you discover what you really want, explore the options and take action.

  • Expat Parent Transformation Coaching

    Being an expat and moving to new country make parents to have more challenges than ever. Therefore, family support  is necessary to adequately address these profound changes.

Expat Parental coaching is helping parents how to discover what is going on with their children, partner and current situation. It is extracting from the client deep reflections about him and his relation with child and partner. How will expat parents get the best out of their relations? For example, by deep listening and asking them powerful questions that will allow you to reach out to your loved once real needs.

When does expat life coaching make sense?

  • When you show at least minimal willingness to change your challenging situation
  • When you feel overwhelmed by stress and expectations from your loved once and looking for a help
  • You are desperate to make change to your work life balance
  • you want to understand more your partner and kids
  • You are open to what the loved once wants to say and have deep look into you!

Rediscover your relationship. Being an expat is challenging for all family members. Coaching will help you tighten your family ties again.

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