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I help parents to make changes in their existing careers and life; find their passion and take their careers to the next level. My coaching will help you discover what you really want, explore the options and take action.

  • Improve Career Satisfaction

    My coaching programs will bring out the best in you, highlighting what you can achieve if you are given the right support. You will enjoy an increased level of motivation. When you are keen to make progress in your career, you will enjoy being coached by me and find this experience extremely useful.

  • Transition to a Fulfilling Career

    We will prepare a comprehensive analysis of your professional profile, professional situation, experience and qualifications. Together, we will define the career goal and career development direction. We will prepare individual plan how to balance your motherhood and work..

  • We will prepare a profile on LinkedIn, and we will discover how to develop a network of contacts, reach employers and headhunters. We will prepare a list of potential companies and headhunters and prepare for interview. We will be in constant contact to support you and motivate you in the implementation of your job search strategy.
  • Start or Grow Your Business

    The first step is full of fear and anxiousness. Will I be able to do it? What about home, kids and my current career? My role will be to help you to go through these obstacles and discover all potentials to lunch your own business. Let s put your passion into life and create your unique brand, which is you!

  • Transform Your Money Mindset

    Living on the debts is stressful and soak your life energy! We will organize organize your financial budget and transform your financial life into real savings, and later in passive incomes! This is possible! It’s just a mindset and clear all unnecessary cost. And believe me I love shoes too 😊

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