Expat job seekers coaching

I’ve helped many people make changes in their existing careers and life; find their passion and take their careers to the next level. My coaching will help you discover what you really want, explore the options and take action.

You’ll get a clear picture of:

  • your values
  • your life purpose
  • your most powerful self
  • your interests and passions
  • your fulfillment
  • your achievements
  • your talents
  • your inner motivators
  • your professional strengths
  • your preferred working organization and environment
Steps we will take to get you job:
  • prepare a comprehensive analysis of your professional profile, experience and qualifications
  • prepare a profile on LinkedIn and we will discover how to develop a network of contacts, reach employers and headhunters
  • be in constant contact to support you and motivate you in the implementation of your job search strategy.
  • plan smooth transition to new country if needed
  • make a list of potential companies and headhunters
  • prepare for an interview

Action plan will include: 

  • Support in developing your skills and knowledge in finding next role
  • Create an action plan to activate your job search
  • Help present yourselves in the best light – from reviewing their resume, social media profiles and preparing for job interviews
  • Increase your knowledge of the job market by sharing insights and materials

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