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  • Coaching for Mums

    Coming back to work after maternity leave is a big project. Transition from the full time mummy to working mummy is a challenge. For most of us the big question in our head is “How to return to work and how to make it successful?”

The answer is: Make it mindfully


The steps we take in the coaching process:

  1. Firstly we focus on getting helicopter overview of your life satisfaction. Based on this we can create plan of logistic things to be taken care off before you come back to work.
  2. Secondly, we let you find out more about yourself. Most mums at some point of their life face burn out. We don’t let ourselves to feel successful and have fulfilling career anymore. Therefore this part of coaching process we go through checking what has change since your baby was born and discovering your inner desires.
  3. In third stage of process, we focus on business part. Creating CV, LinkedIn profile, cover letter or strategic plan for your own business.

Above steps take around 3 months of intensive work. During this time you will have ups and downs. I
am going to be your guide/company during the process of getting back to job.
I will help you additionally with your limiting beliefs , saboteur and challenge you when I see you reaching lower than your potential is. It all takes around 12-14 sessions ( sometimes longer it depends what challenges we will be facing during our coaching journey).


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