Karolina Filosek


Full time Coach, Mum, Expat with dozen ideas and energy to share with other women

I want to be the reason that you feel seen, heard, and supported by whole universe.

I am a certified Co-Active coach who is willing to help mums and expat women in whole world to growth in their personal life and boost their career as they deserve to. My mission is to show mums how amazing human being they are, just as they are now. I am helping to set real goals, organize client busy life and discover what has been hidden in you for the whole your life. I will take you on the journey where you will meet the leader woman in yourself, your infinite feminine energy and throw off all conventions imposed on you.

“Since I remember people always asked me for advice. I have always enjoyed listening to them and help them to different perspectives on their life. After 12 years of a corporate career in various countries, I decided to follow my dreams and use my people-oriented mind to really help people discover their inner lead! I believe that you can achieve whatever you want and my role here is to help you discover all the resources within you! Let me take you on co-active coaching journey where you are going to meet real, undiscovered you!”


Special Approach to every client

Life and Career Coaching

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Easy Start

4 coaching sessions - set your goal & make an action plan
€ 199
Pre-coaching Conversation
4 coaching sessions - 60 min each
Job hunting, Cv, linkedin profile support

Good Choice

12 hours of coaching - set a goal, overcome your obstacles, make an action plan, evoke transformation
Free email support
Pre-coaching Conversation
8 coaching sessions - 90min each
Job search, CV, linkedin profile support

Big Change

18 hours of coaching - set the goal, find your inner leader, overcome obstacles,make a wise plan, evoke transformation
Free email support
Pre-coaching Conversation
12 coaching sessions - 90min each
Job search, CV, linkedin profile support

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Books by Karolina

Books are my passion. I am reading and learning from them new coaching skills. I believe that workshops and courses are not only a part of coaching education. I study human psychology and explore new subjects which let me to have global perspective on people’s life. I always exercise new knowledge on myself, to create unique techniques for my clients.

I add here for you books which I have read and review them for you, so you can decide if it’s something in your taste. Enjoy!

Karolina is a conscientious and talented coach which combines great professionalism and unique sensitivity in his blend of life and work coaching activities, leading to valuable and concrete results. I found her work being a great inspiration in my professional growth and by exploring her advices I was able to empower my career and professional awareness. I definitely recommend Karolina’s sessions if you want to shine in your next life challenges!

Salvatore Porto

Karolina is an amazing person, who brings out her positive energy and wears the warmest smile, no matter the condition. She has inspired me and helped me to find my career path while I was trying to start a new life in a foreign country. She is extremely creative and dedicated to her values and that’s what makes her expertise in coaching. Always patient and a good listener, she helped to find the answers in most difficult questions I had to deal with. Her passion for making her dreams come true is the one that inspired me the most. And providing with inspiration other people is what makes you successful as a person, as a coach.

Eirini Argyrou

28 y.o.

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